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At ZHD Cleaning, we take pride in being Tunbridge Wells’ go-to solution for all your commercial cleaning needs. As a family-owned and managed business, we bring a personal touch to every cleaning project, serving not only Tunbridge Wells but also extending our services to surrounding areas and even reaching London.


Moving out can be a stressful process, but with ZHD Cleaning, you can leave the cleaning to us and focus on your next adventure. Our dedicated team of professionals specializes in thorough end-of-tenancy cleaning, ensuring that your property is left sparkling clean and ready for its next occupants.

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Deep Office Cleans

Surface Disinfection: We prioritise the health and safety of your employees by thoroughly disinfecting high-touch surfaces such as door handles, desks, and keyboards. Our disinfection protocols help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

Toilet Sanitisation: Maintaining clean and sanitary restrooms is essential for the comfort and well-being of your employees and visitors. Our team pays special attention to restroom cleaning, ensuring all fixtures, floors, and surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Floor Care and Maintenance: Whether it’s carpet cleaning, hard floor maintenance, or tile and grout cleaning, we have the expertise and equipment to ensure that your floors are clean and well-maintained.

Window Cleaning: Clean windows not only enhance the appearance of your office but also allow natural light to brighten up the space. We can guarantee a streak-free shine!

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Builders Cleaning Services

Thorough Post-Construction Cleanup: ZHD is equipped to handle the aftermath of construction projects, tackling dust, debris, and construction residue with precision and efficiency. From removing stickers and labels to cleaning windows and surfaces, we leave no stone unturned in our post-construction cleanup process.

Interior Cleaning: We focus on cleaning and sanitising the interior of newly constructed or renovated buildings, including floors, walls, ceilings, and fixtures.

Exterior Cleanup: In addition to interior cleaning, we also provide exterior cleanup services to enhance the curb appeal of your property. From pressure washing to window cleaning, we’ll leave the exterior of your building looking pristine and inviting.

Final Touches and Detailing: Our builders cleaning service includes final touches and detailing to ensure that every aspect of your project meets our high standards of cleanliness.

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Commercial Buildings

Equipment Sanitisation: We prioritise the cleanliness and safety of gym equipment by thoroughly sanitising all surfaces, including weights, machines & equipment.

Locker Room and Shower Cleaning: Maintaining clean and hygienic locker rooms and showers is essential for the comfort and satisfaction of gym members.

Floor Care and Maintenance: Whether it’s rubber flooring, hardwood, or tiles, we have the expertise and equipment to ensure your gym floors are clean, safe, and well-maintained.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning: Our deep cleaning services target grease, grime, and food residue to ensure that your kitchen meets the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

Dining Area Cleaning: Our team thoroughly cleans and sanitises tables, chairs, and other surfaces to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience.

School Cleaning Services

Classroom Cleaning: We meticulously clean and disinfect classrooms to create a safe and conducive learning environment. From wiping down desks and chairs to sanitising high-touch surfaces, we ensure that every corner of the classroom is spotless.

Common Area Cleaning: We pay special attention to common areas such as hallways, cafeterias, and restrooms, where germs and bacteria can easily spread. Our thorough cleaning protocols help prevent the spread of illnesses and promote overall hygiene throughout the school premises.

Gymnasium & Sports Facility Cleaning: Our team is equipped to clean and sanitise these spaces, ensuring they remain fresh and inviting for physical activities.

Specialised Floor Care: Whether it’s carpet cleaning, tile and grout maintenance, or hard floor polishing, we have the expertise to keep your school’s floors pristine.

From Grime to Shine: Witness the Difference!

At ZHD Cleans, we’re all about keeping it professional while ensuring you’re thrilled with our work. You name it, we’ve got the certifications and know-how to make your space shine like new. Our crew is top-notch, armed with the latest tricks of the trade to get the job done just right. From offices to homes, we’ve seen it all and cleaned it all, leaving smiles in our wake. So kick back, relax, and let us handle the dirty work.

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Tailored Cleaning Solutions IN
Tunbridge Wells

we understand that every office has unique cleaning needs. That’s why we offer tailored cleaning solutions that are customised to fit your specific requirements and budget. Whether you need daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning services, we have a solution for you.

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