Welcome to ZHD Cleaning, your trusted partner in maintaining pristine spaces in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. As a family-owned and operated cleaning company, we bring a personal touch and a commitment to excellence to every job we undertake.

Our Story

Originating from Bulgaria, our family journeyed to Kent two decades ago, seeking new opportunities and a place to call home. Throughout the years, we’ve held onto the values of hard work, dedication, and the importance of family bonds. It’s these values that drive us in our cleaning endeavours every day.

Why Choose Us

Discover the reasons that set us apart.


Bespoke Services

At ZHD Cleaning, we understand the significance of a clean and organized environment. Whether it’s your home, office, or commercial space, we take pride in delivering meticulous cleaning services tailored to your specific needs.



Beyond our commitment to cleanliness, we cherish the opportunity to work together as a family. For us, there’s nothing more fulfilling than combining our passion for cleanliness with our love for spending quality together


Trusted in the Community

When you choose ZHD Cleaning, you’re not just hiring a cleaning service – you’re welcoming a trust-worthy family into your space, dedicated to delivering exceptional results and fostering lasting relationships.

Zhivko Dimitrov

Business Owner & Director

Meet Zhivko: a seasoned cleaning professional with over 15 years of experience and certifications from partners like NCAA and BICs. Known for his attention to detail, Zhivko’s expertise ensures exceptional results in every project he handles. Outside of work, he enjoys exploring cigars, often tasting new varieties in London’s cigar lounges with his eldest son.

Anna Dimitrov


Meet Anna, an integral part of our team, managing cleaners and domestic cleaning with over 15 years of industry expertise. As a full-time mom to her youngest son, Alex, she seamlessly juggles her professional duties with family life. Anna’s passion for cooking and travelling enriches her life outside of work, we couldn’t do what we do without her!

Jordan ZHD Cleaning machine operator
Yordan Dimitrov

Machine Operator

Yordan’s journey with ZHD Cleaning began at the age of 15, working alongside his parents, and learning the ins and outs of the business. His hands-on experience has equipped him with the skills to handle ZHD’s largest cleaning machines expertly, ensuring flawless results without compromising on safety.

alex zhd cleaning team mascot
Alex Dimitrov

Team Mascot

Alex may still be in school, but he’s an indispensable part of our team at ZHD Cleaning. Always eager to lend a hand, Alex jumps at any opportunity to contribute. He embodies the ethos of working hard and playing hard!

Georgia Eyers


Georgia, a trusted friend of the family, brings her expertise in digital marketing to ZHD Cleaning, helping us maintain a strong online presence. Her skills ensure that our brand is effectively represented in the digital sphere, enhancing our visibility and engagement.

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